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Hearing at Home is a hearing health care business that provides a variety of hearing care services that include: hearing evaluations, ear inspections, hearing instrument fittings, repairs, and aural rehabilitation

With over 10 years serving the hearing needs of the community, our goal is to deliver better hearing, with the best hearing aids available today, to each individual through excellent service and competitive pricing. Our services are also available in the convenience of your home or office, as well as independent care facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. 


We provide hearing health services
in Taylorville, Illinois and surrounding communities.

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Hearing Evaluations and Screenings

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Hearing Aid Sales

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Hearing Aid Repairs

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Maintenance and Service

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Earmolds and Impressions

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Hearing Protection

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Ashley May is the founder of Hearing at Home. Born and raised in Taylorville, IL, Ashley is very familiar with the residents of not only Taylorville, but the surrounding communities as well.

She still calls Taylorville home with her husband and two children. Beginning her career in 2007 as an office manager to a local hearing aid office, she continued her education to pursue a license to dispense hearing aids.

"I could see the good that I could provide for people. Helping people hear better, some for the first time in a long time, gives me such gratification. It's amazing to see individuals and family members light up when they can communicate with each other better."

After continued education at Parkland College in Champaign, IL, Ashley earned her Illinois state license for hearing instrument dispensing in 2009 and Arizona state license in 2014. In 2015, Ashley was chosen to assist in opening a new hearing aid office in Scottsdale, Arizona. New opportunities came her way after this experience and she was able to travel the country as a hearing aid manufacturer representative, helping different offices establish their new practice. After settling back into Taylorville, Ashley has planted roots with her own hearing aid practice, Hearing at Home, focusing on more of a concierge business model, for patients who seek a more convenient and comfortable way of getting the hearing help they need.

"For years, I have had patients ask to be seen in the comfort of their home due to immobility, comfort and convenience, and scheduling conflicts. By going to the patient, it gives them a sense of comfort in their own environment, and I can also provide them a more flexible schedule. Anything that can be done in the office can be done at your home or office."

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As a patient of Hearing at Home, you can be sure that you will always receive the care and attention needed to advance better hearing. This is the only hearing aid business in the area that specifically focuses on keeping the patient comfortable in their own surroundings while providing the service they need.

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Hearing at Home's new front office associate is a familiar face.  Leann Sheedy is looking forward to working with you.

We are thrilled to be adding a second, satellite location in Shelbyville, IL


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“I’ve had hearing aids from another place for several years, and they just were not helping me. I just wasn’t hearing well at all and I knew I was missing out on so much of my life. Ashley came into my home, tested my hearing, and helped me choose a hearing aid that would help me. She is so friendly and patient; helping me learn how my new hearing aids worked and their different features. She comes by and checks on me, answers my questions, and makes sure everything is just right. The difference Ashley has made in my life is incredible. My girls and my grandchildren thank her too!”

- Larry H Bilyeu, Taylorville, Illinois

"When I realized it was time for me to consider hearing aids, I chose to speak with Ashley May thru a local newspaper. I found her to be very professional with knowledge of hearing loss. After testing, I was impressed with her soft voice on suggestions for my needs. She was willing to help in any way offering advice that I truly needed, not knowing much at all about hearing loss. She gave me her honest opinion on what she thought best for me. She was not overly aggressive, and gave me an overall picture of my particular hearing loss, and what to expect with hearing aids. She is very thorough and works with her clients in all fields; questions, problems, follow up visits, etc. 

I highly recommend her! My experience with her was gratifying, and her expertise knowledge of hearing loss. As I left, I felt uplifted, and glad I took this important step to a better quality of life!"
- Rosemary Corso

"The service I received from Ashley was both professional and personal. Also, although I enjoyed her coming to my home, I also had the convenience of going to her office which made me very comfortable. She takes the time and effort to work with me in order to get my hearing aids to work effectively."

- Sue Wilson